All Times best Fashion Photographer in Dubai

Dubai is a wonderful place to live a luxury life where people expect a high quality of fashion to be displayed to them. This can’t be done without having some professional photographers in Dubai and luckily Dubai has always been a heaven for fashion photographers.

The beautiful models of Dubai would have been of no use without these talented fashion photographers (photographers are yet to be discussed). These capable men and ladies are particularly alluring, as they have devoted their lives to breathing life into the mold. They change models into charming and persevering pictures that move the world to be a more excellent place. Their work is legendary to the point that it’s each form display dream to gain a place in their portfolios.

Who is Best Fashion Photographer in Dubai?

Without any doubt, Mazen Abusrour is considered as one of the best fashion photographers in Dubai. He lies at the top of the professional photographers in Dubai. Mazen was born in Jordan and he left his educations and country to get what he had always dreamed. Mazen Believes that he was not a born photographer, in fact, when he took few clicks with his phone camera and people praised those photos pushed him to carry this field as his profession.

People use cameras to captures pictures but he captures feelings and his own ideas into his lenses. I would rather call him most talented and creative fashion photographer in Dubai. Once he was asked about his any regrets about quitting his education for his photography passion and his response was like, “No! I have no regrets regarding my educations or other dreams because I just love what I do”.




How He became a Photographer?

As you know, Mazen Abusrour is known as the best fashion photographer in Dubai but have you ever wondered what made him such an excellent photographer? You will be amazed to know that he does like shooting in studios because he believes that real natural beauty can’t be captured while sitting in the studio. That is the reason why his most of fashion shoots are done outdoor that only represent the pretty models but also captures the natural scenes.

Passion, love, grace, creativity and resources are the elements that make an ordinary man the best photographer in Dubai. Most of the photographers rely on the models they are shooting with but this guy relies on backgrounds and locations even more than models he is working with. So, we were talking about his photography career. Actually, years ago he too few pictures from his mobile phone camera and after he got some exceptional reviews from his friends and internet users, he decided to take this photography to a whole new level.


Photography Style of Mazen

People are tired of seeing perfectly fake models and photoshoots and that is the reason why he tries to give a look of real natural taste in his photoshoots. According to him, people are just crazy for seeing perfection and that is the reason why sometimes photographers rely on fake visual effects but he is totally against it. He finds imperfections in his shots and then makes them perfect with beautiful ideas and suitable angles.

You don’t Need Lenses To Become A Photographer

We are living in a world where it is thought that you should have a camera with very big and expensive lenses to become a professional fashion photographer but Mazen proved them wrong with his passion and commitment. You will often see this guy without his huge lenses and taking pictures of models with a smartphone and yet his clicks hit the hearts of the fashion industry. He believes that you should have the art of taking pictures and you don’t need expensive gadgets to show what you are. Photography is not about carrying heavy and precious cameras but it is all about having skills and passion for your work. According to him, you have to (being a cameraman) leave your pictures for people to interpret their quality and idea. A picture can’t always speak, sometimes viewers should observe and then decide.

He believes, in self-representation and this what makes him the best fashion photographer in Dubai. Sometimes he portrays himself in his pictures and then leaves rest to the people to decide the quality of his pictures. According to him, if you like his picture work then it means indirectly you like him.

A Pictures Should Worth Than Words

Sometimes pictures that you see are self-explanatory and you don’t need to think so hard to get to know about the reason behind the picture. Mazen Abusrour believes that technology around us is very advanced but still this technology can’t give you the emotions and feelings. These emotions and feelings are portrayed by the models and then sensibly captured by the best photographers in Dubai.

He so lucky because he is doing what he loves or in other words, he is earning money from his hobby. He started photography as a hobby and with the passage of time, his passion started helping him earn money by taking super shots of supermodels in Dubai.

Very few people know that he is a multi talented graphics artist. Mazen is a graphics motion artist and initially, he was planning to start his career with these motion graphics. He was working with videos and after reaching a certain level of success in motion graphics he decided to jump into Dubai fashion industry and currently he stands amount the best fashion photographers in Dubai. So, he left his video motions years ago and started focusing on only one focal point that was photography. There are many professional photographers in Dubai and Mazen Absrour is one of them.

In short, this guy likes transforming pictures into emotions and they portraying them inform of the public with a new creative idea and thought.