Top Five Hollywood Movies That Were Filmed in Dubai


Media Production companies in Dubai have been participating in the entertainment and advertisement industry of Dubai from last one decade. Other than film production companies in Dubai many outsiders have also been playing an active role to shoot their major films in the country. In those foreign countries, Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood lie on the top of the list. Today we are going to discuss top five Hollywood movies that were filmed on the major location of beautiful Dubai.


I personally loved many shots of this movie that were filmed on Burj Khalifa. The scenes in the movie were so realistic and can even make you feel scared. Do you remember the scene where the protagonist of the movie climbs of sky touching building of the Burj Khalifa with the help you his magic gloves? This scene was actually filmed on the real building where almost 400 crew members were there just to make sure the safety of the climber.

Fast And Furious 7

Who can forget shooting of Fast and Furious 7 in Dubai? Which stunned the film production companies in Dubai for a while. Though these scenes were not filmed on the major locations of the city and most of them were shot in the sandy deserts of the Dubai. Media production companies in Dubai did love this new innovation in the city and we hope to see some more work from foreigners in Dubai.


This movie revolves around a CIA agent who is in Dubai. Shots of that major CIA agent were mostly shot in Dubai, in hotels and restaurants. This movie did inspire many filmmakers from all across the globe to shoot their new movies in the beautiful location of Dubai.


The continuation of the 1987 film, Wall Street, gazing Michael Douglas and Shia La Beouf, is the tale of an ex-conman and convict attempting to develop his realm by and by while attempting to reconnect with his girl. The majority of the motion picture focuses on naughty characters doing devious things yet we likewise get a look at the marvellous life the heroes lead. As anyone might expect, they picked Dubai for the lavish shots.

Star Wars

Who imagined that the love of the youth the Star Wars movie was also shot in Dubai. Film production companies in Dubai also helped in the shooting of Dubai shots. The hotly anticipated Episode VII of the Star Wars establishment is now out in the cinemas. Taping started in April a year ago and cast individuals set out to Abu Dhabi toward the beginning of May, where monstrous sets were worked at the area. The set incorporated a bus like a shuttle, an extensive pinnacle and a major market. Look at more Star Wars pics here and yet another example of Hollywood movie in Dubai.

Media production companies in Dubai are also planning to start their new projects on the major location of Dubai like Burj Khalifa, deserts and on beaches.